March Monthly Art Journal Spread

I am pretty surprised that I’ve kept this practice up for three months. Here is my completed March spread.

March 2013 monthly journal spread
March 2013 monthly art journal spread

I’m still having trouble with the small spaces. As I mentioned in previous posts, I’m just not sure there is enough room for me to write in this format. So to help me with this for April I added more space with fold outs.

April Monthly Journal Spread
April Monthly Art Journal Spread

So every day I have twice as much room to write!

Closeup of April Monthly Art Journal
Closeup of April Monthly Journal Spread

I’ve completed the first three days of this month and I already want more room to write!!

Oh, I’ve just realized that this monthly journal spread idea I found on the web is a part of the Art Journaling Calendar Challenge 2013.  If you are interested in joining in on this challenge, check out their Facebook page.

Meanwhile I think I’m almost finished with the project I made in that Paint it, Make it, Stitch it class at the library. The last session we spent the whole time hand stitching. That was so much fun and relaxing.

Looking at the project today I think it needs some hand stitching around the edges. I had machine stitched it before the last class,  but it needs more – maybe some beads.  It’s not my favorite piece, but it was an interesting process.

Paint it Make it Stitch it piece
Paint it, Make it, Stitch it piece

I really enjoyed the hand stitching. I remember as a child hand stitching on hand towels. I need to do more of that.

I’m off this weekend to take a batik class at Making Ends Meet, just on the other side of Louisville. If you are in the area, check out their classes. I’m excited. Since I’ll be having dinner with an old friend I’ve not seen in a couple years, I baked some biscotti for her to enjoy. I made Dave’s favorite in case he wanted to enjoy a piece or two with his morning joe.

Have a great weekend.