A Surprise on Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!

I’ve been thinking about my Mom lately. Since I’m cooking now every two weeks, I’ve been wearing an apron in the kitchen like she did.  I also from time-to-time look through the recipe book she left behind. I’ve noticed how I’ve started looking more like her as I’ve grown older.

I have very few pictures of my mom. She was always the one behind the camera and she hated having her picture taken. However I do have this picture from my parents’ trip to Hawaii in 1972. They had always wanted to go to Hawaii, and when Dad won this trip through his work, they were so excited. Before they left Mom was fast at work sewing skirts for her and matching ties for Dad. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture with the matching clothes! They had so much fun on that trip.

Mildred and Francis Heines
Mom and Dad

Mom died the same year. We had no idea she was sick. The morning I took her to a doctor’s appointment she told me she’d never see her grandchildren. I really didn’t think much of that statement since none of us had or planned to have children. I remember saying something like, “If you’re waiting for me, you’re going to have a long wait.” I had no idea she was going to die within three weeks.

Since then I’ve been envious of those who still have or had their mothers when they reached adulthood. I’ve wondered how my life might have been different had she lived past my 21st birthday. But I am happy that I had her for those years.

On a lighter note, this morning I went out to get the paper and I saw this.

An allium among the hostas
An allium among the hostas

I planted those alliums between the hostas several years ago. This is the first year one of them has bloomed. I can’t remember where I purchased these from, but in their catalog they showed the alliums blooming between their hostas. I thought that was such a neat idea that I’d try it.

It’s taken a long time for them to come up. Seems like every year they can’t seem to make it from under the hosta leaves. But this one and a couple others which haven’t bloomed yet, have made it out. What a nice surprise!

Again, Happy Mother’s Day!