More Marbling Class Fun

Monday was the second session of the fabric marbling class I’m teaching at the East Branch Library. For the first half of the class we used brushes which make smaller circles than the pipettes.

For the second half of the session we used our skewers and made flowers.

Making flowers
Making flowers

We also over marbled some of our marbled pieces from last session.

These women are so creative. I can’t wait to see what they are going to do with all of this fabulous¬† fabric. I captured each of the marblers during this session – making them stop so I could show their work. Unfortunately Scarlet was under the weather and missed this session. My picture of Bev was real blurry, but I did get her art.

Teresa and Ronda taught the Intuitive Art Class I took recently. Teresa is teaching the class in August. Teresa is also teaching a fabric bracelet class next month that I can’t wait to take.

Teresa Schneider

Ronda is a quite talented musician and artist. You’ve seen her on this blog several times.

Ronda Haley

Donna equated making the flowers to decorating cookies. I’m not sure how that works, but evidently her cookie practice helped. You need to go slow and steady when making the flowers. Quick moves will send the paint moving all over the size.

Donna Small

Carla is making cloth napkins. I can’t wait to see them completed. However, Carla is in the dog house. She made fudge for this session, told us all about this great fudge she made for us, and then left it at home!

Carla Lemar

Judy took vacation days to attend these classes. We are so glad she was able to take the time to join us. She also had some pretty pieces which didn’t get in the picture. I do love this picture of her beginning design before making the flowers.

Judy Mason

Sandy was hard at work making her masterpieces. She changed her palette this week, from bright to more pastels.

Sandy Schultheis

Carol seems to always have that big smile on her face and chose such lovely color combinations.

Carol Woertz

For some reason, my picture of Bev was a real blur. However, here are a couple of her pieces. She picked some interesting fabric to use including this polka dot. She also had some glittery fabric that looked awesome with marbling over it.

A couple of Bev's marbled pieces
A couple of Bev’s marbled pieces

For our last session next Monday we will be working on traditional patterns with combs and rakes. It’s been fun working with these women and introducing them to this beautiful art form. I hope this class will encourage them to continue playing with paint and the size.