Dyeing for Jillian

Yesterday we celebrated Martha’s daughter turning one year old.¬† For her party I wanted to give her something special from me. I’m not much of a seamstress so I can’t really sew her any clothing, but I sure can dye!

I ordered several white tops online, so I’d have enough to play with and even mess up. The first two are tie dyed. I didn’t have enough ice to ice dye them all, so I did two of each. Here are the tie dyed ones:

Tie Dyed Long Sleeve 12 - 18 month shirt
Tie Dyed Long Sleeve 12 – 18 month shirt

I’d really like to have one like that for me! And here’s a short sleeve shirt.

Tie dyed 18 month tshirt
Tie dyed 18 month shirt

I absolutely LOVE how these turned out. I kept saying that they were “stinking cute.” It helps that the shirts are so cute and tiny to begin with.

Now to the ice dyed ones. I usually let my ice dyed fabric batch for 24 hours. I didn’t have the luxury of doing this, so they only were waiting for washout for 17 hours. It was so hot in my dyeing studio (the garage) so the ice did not have as much time as it usually does to make a design.

Ice dyed long sleeve 12-18 month tshirt
Ice dyed long sleeve 12-18 month tshirt
Ice dyed 18 month tshirt
Ice dyed 18 month tshirt

And then I used my Portrait and cut out designs and made her a card. I realized after it was all put together that maybe this card was a bit too grown up for her. The buttons were originally suppose to be glued on but I thought if she got hold of this card, those buttons would be off the card and into her mouth. I sewed them on instead. The sentiment is on the back. This design was part of the Everyday Cards kit at svgcuts.

I had gone through all of my scrapbooking paper a couple weeks ago and gave the majority of it away to the local thrift store. It seems like it always happens that when I give something away, I need it. But I had saved some scrapbooking stash and I found some paper to make the card.

Jillian's birthday card
Jillian’s birthday card

All in all I was happy with my dyeing for Jillian. Maybe I’ll make this a tradition – dyeing her something for every birthday. That was fun.

Meanwhile I’ve made myself a play list of what I want to create in the next couple of months. So far I have eight different projects and that’s just off the top of my head and not counting the several books to read and a few book reviews to post. I love when I feel inspired! Thanks for dropping by.