Lunching with the art girls

Years ago when I owned my own writing and graphic design business, one of my client’s employees called me the “art girl.” Back then I really took offense to that label. I didn’t see what I did as art – writing and designing promotional materials –¬† and I was definitely not a GIRL!

Oh, how time has changed my feelings about that description!

This past Monday, Carla invited several of the women who have taught art classes at the East Branch Library and a fellow student for lunch at her home.

I had not intended to take any pictures. I didn’t even take my camera, but when I walked in and saw Carla’s beautiful table I just had to show it to you. Carla lent me her camera for these pictures.

She used her pretty marbled napkins she made in my marbling class. I loved her idea of marbled napkins when we were in class and they added such a colorful touch to her table.

Carla's table
Carla’s table

Love this centerpiece.

table arrangement

Here is the table almost ready for us to sit down.

Lunch is served!

And a closeup of the bread. She had baked it that morning before we arrived.


And the salad. Everything was almost too pretty to eat, but that didn’t stop us!

saladThen after that great salad, Carla brought out dessert, dirt pudding. We thought the watermelon and blueberry lemon bread with lemon sauce was dessert!

Don’t you just love this bowl with the blue interior and the black eyed susans? It’s all about the details.

Dirt dessert

Martha has nothing on Carla! She’s such a talented woman – an art girl!

In addition to the beautiful table and food, we had some great conversation and a stroll through her backyard to see her garden and her bees. We also got to see her bluebirds up close when she fed them for us. Sweet!

Carla talks while Teresa and Jan listen.
Carla talks while Teresa and Jan listen
Connie, Ronda and Carla
Connie, Ronda and Carla

Thanks to Carla for the lunch and use of her Nikon.

Well, it was a fun lunch sharing and enjoying the company of the art girls. We’ll meet again, but we’ve decided that Carla has really set the bar way high!

Oh, and if you ever want to call me “art girl,” please do. I will not be offended.