September 8 Sunday Roundup

First of all, I want to thank Judy for this beautiful stepping stone. Here it is in the trunk of my car. We’ve not decided where it will call home.  It is so beautiful.

Judy's stepping stone
Judy’s stepping stone

I met Judy when she attended my marbling class. She was the one who took vacation days to take my class! Anyway, she decided to get into soap making and was asking me about scents. Since we have so many of them, I suggested she come over and smell, and that way she could make an informed choice on what to order. She and her sweet hubby came over one Saturday and had a smell-a-thon. Anyway, a little later she asked if I’d like to have one of her stepping stones. This was the one I selected. She cleaned it all up, and this past week I picked it up. It is so lovely. Thanks again Judy. What a sweet gift.

Talking about soap making, Dave and I made a couple of small test batches yesterday. Our goal is to have 8 or so base recipes that we can use and not keep recreating formulas. And since we are removing the oils added at trace, we need to remake ours to see how they fare. I’ll be posting these bases once we finalize them. You can read more about this on Dave’s blog.

Test batch
Test batch

We had a little work done on the house last week which involved me getting into the attic. I have a lot of boxes up there of old stuff I really need to go through. Several bags include linens and this old pillow my mom had made in the 60’s. I really didn’t appreciate her beautiful work back then. She also made me a velvet purse for prom with this technique that I have kept.

Mom's pillow
Mom’s pillow

I also melted some beeswax from our recent honey harvest in my homemade solar wax melter.

Melted beeswax
Melted beeswax

The sedums are so beautiful in the fall. This is why I grow them.


I rewarded myself after spending several hours weeding the blackberry patch with a mani-pedi. It’s nice to look down and see these bright toes!

Painted toes
Painted toes

I also started a six-week Silk Scarf Paint Intensive with Evi Slaby, a local and very talented artist. You can see a picture of me and my scarf on the left on her website at the above link. We’ll be getting our scarves to take home next session so I’ll be taking a closer picture of it. I played with some colors I usually don’t use, so I was a bit out of my comfort zone. It was fun and I look forward to this week’s lesson.

That’s all for today’s roundup. Have a peaceful and creative Sunday. See you later on in the week.