Getting Ready For The Exhibit

I feel like I have really been AWOL from here. The reason I’ve been gone is that I have been spending so much time getting ready for our “Colorful Friendship: A Study in Fabric Surface Design” exhibit that will open February 24 at the Krannert Gallery at University of Evansville.

Last week I was interviewed by our local paper about my art for this exhibit. However, before I would allow anyone to come into my studio/woman cave, I had to do some major cleaning up. After all was straightened and cleaned up (well, kind of), I noticed that I really needed to cover up my racks including the stuff on the top shelf. So I got out some of my fabric.

studio coverupOn the left side you can see two pieces hanging to dry on top of the “cover up fabric.”  I realized that I don’t use any of the stuff on those top shelves, so I really need to again go through my stuff. But that will have to wait.

Oh, my work table was cleaned off when the photographer was here.  I did a little thermofax screen printing while he was taking pictures.

printing table

I’ve been painting these tubes that will be props for our exhibit. I think they are pretty cool looking.

finished tubes

I’ve been painting some canvas.

Painting canvas


ironing for the exhibit

A little sewing

pillows for exhibit

Printing with my thermofax screens

themofax screen printing

Gathering and organizing

Gathering together

And hanging


We’re putting the exhibit up on Wednesday. I’m excited about the exhibit, but I am so looking forward to spending time on other projects that have been lining up in my head.

Oh, don’t know if you were able to take advantage of this, but a couple weeks ago Spoonflower ran this great promotion of a free swatch (8 x 8). I’ve been wanting to see how the material really looks with one of my designs, and so I uploaded an image of one of them.  Here is the swatch on top of the scanned fabric. Pretty neat!

Spoonflower Swatch

For Valentine’s Day I made Dave a card, something I like to do for him because he appreciates them so much. All of my past cards are in his room prominently displayed.  I specifically painted and stenciled some paper at the Art Girls Getaway last weekend to use for his card.

2014 Valentine Day Card

Well, that’s all for now. More to share later. That’s what is going on in my world. What’s up with you?