Printed Fabric Bee Text Piece

This month’s challenge for the Printed Fabric Bee was a 12 x 12 piece with text. Lisa Chin, the queen this month, also requested turquoise as her color of choice.

Lisa's text piece

I love text on fabric so I was really looking forward to playing.  This was a fun and fast project once I decided what I wanted to do.


I experimented with my handwriting and ended up using this Artistcellar stencil. This is Runes, one of the stencils from  Jill K. Berry’s TEXTures Series. You know I love to make my own stencils, but this one (really this whole set) I absolutely love.

I also love Jacquard Color Magnet. If you’re not familiar with it, check out this post and this one.

After washing my fabric, I soaked it in soda ash water for 30 minutes and then hung it to dry. Once dry using Color Magnet, I stenciled on the material and let it dry overnight. The next day I low immersion dyed the fabric with turquoise, teal, and indigo fiber reactive dyes. After it batched for 24 hours, I washed, dried, and ironed it. That’s all. Easy Peasy!

I thought about adding additional markings with either discharge or paint, but decided I liked it as is.

I also made a 6 x 6 piece that will be given away next month with this month’s collection.

giveaway piece
6 x 6 giveaway piece with coordinating tag and fabric ribbon

Stay tuned for the giveaway.