Dyeing fabric with ink

I was looking through my pictures getting ready to write a post today, when I ran across photos I had taken several months ago for a tutorial on dyeing fabric with ink.

I dyed the fabric for The Printed Fabric Bee challenge.

Carol's Bee fabricOn this post I talked about the stencil I made from a plastic fern, and said I’d blog about dyeing the fabric at a later date.

For this project, I used white fabric with a pattern. I wanted a fast and easy way to color it green so I chose Tsukineko All Purpose inks. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a washable permanent craft ink that won’t change the hand of the fabric.

So let’s get started. Moisten the fabric. I used a spray bottle with water that is always sitting on my table in my studio.


Place the wet fabric in a ziploc bag.


Since I wanted to make the fabric green, I chose blue and yellow inks.

dyeingwithink3With a pipette, I added one color at a time to the wet fabric.


Once I thought I had enough ink on the fabric, I scrunched it with the goal of making the color somewhat even.


Once I was happy with the color, I took it out of the bag, let it dry, and ironed it.

Fabric dyed with ink

That’s all there is to it. If you’re looking for a fast way to color you fabric, try ink! Thanks for dropping by.