Around the World Blog Hop

Artists from around the world are participating in the Around the World Blog Hop. My talented friend Lisa Chin asked me to participate and I was happy and honored to be asked.

Around the World blog Hop

Before I answer the four questions, I just have to tell you that Lisa has really been an inspiration to me. I love her art and she is the one I blame for “encouraging” me to buy my Silhouette Portrait. If you don’t know Lisa, check out her blog here.

Now to the questions:

1. What am I working on? 

The indigo dye bug has bit me. In addition to the class I taught recently, I am continuing to work with indigo. I’m thinking about keeping it going – or seeing if I can keep the vat “live” over the winter – but then I think about how I wasn’t real good at keeping my sourdough starter fed!

In addition to my new passion with indigo, I have started to work with silk. I’ve mentioned this before, that prior to taking Evi’s class last year, I was scared to death I would “hurt” silk, so have not played with it much at all. It’s just been in the last several months that I’ve been really pushing myself and I really LOVE it! I love the look and the feel. Below are two silk pieces: a scarf and a handkerchief that are sitting on a cotton bandana I just dyed for hubby. Does that mean I’ll give up cotton? No way!

indigo dye pieces

I am also working on my serger. I bought this baby a couple weeks ago. Right now I’m facinated with rolled edges, but I’m still at the playing stage.

My Elna Serger

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As far as being different, I don’t know. I do love to try different products and processes to expand my knowledge. I also love to share them with you and hopefully encourage you to try something you might not otherwise think you can or want to do.

3. Why do I write/create what I do?

I create because I have to. I have no choice and it makes me happy. I’ve always loved crafts, but it’s just been the last several years that I’ve been so drawn toward fabric. I know I’ve mentioned this before in one of my ramblings, but when I was a kid Mom would drag me to the local sewing store where she spent what seemed like hours looking at “yard goods.” I used to tease her about it and mock how she looked at every bolt. It’s amazing that I’ve become her! I write about my art to hopefully inspire you, as I mentioned in the last question, but also to keep a written journal of my art.

4. How does my writing/creating process work?

It depends on what I am doing. If I’m working on something with a specific topic such as the Printed Fabric Bee monthly challenge, I research that topic to find some way to turn that idea into a fabric design. Some topics are easier than others. Then I decide on the background. Sometimes it’s from my stash. Other times I will start with white cotton and dye or paint it. Then I test out my design on a scrap piece of fabric until I’m happy and then complete the piece. For my other work I might see something online that spurs an idea or a blog post that reminds me of something I’ve wanted to try. In the last post, I was given that dinner container and I had to create something with it. I’m always looking for new and different objects and mediums to try. If I can’t think of anything to create, all I have to do is open my notebook to those pages of ideas.

Now to pass this hop on. One of the online artists who has inspired me and I swear we are sisters from different mothers, is Judy Sall, aka Judy Tie Dye. Along with Lisa, Judy is someone I feel I can touch base about some burning art question and I’ll hear back from her. And Judy’s tie dye is not your grandma’s or mom’s tie dye. Check her stuff out here.