Sunday Colors: October 26

What lovely weather we’ve had the past couple of days. I really love this time of the year and all of the color.

I worked out in one of the shade area yesterday mulching and getting it ready for the winter. I have found out that if I mulch it in the winter, my work in the Spring is so much easier.

Shade area

The ferns are still so beautiful.


I’ve cut back most of the hostas. That didn’t take long since the deer had already gotten to them. However, this one I’ll cut back in the next couple of days.


I was surprised this last week with Istanbul, a rebloomer. I rarely see any irises this time of the year.


Our Calendula has been blooming all summer. Dave’s been drying it for soap and salve making. Here is an old post about infusing calendula.


The blueberry bushes have turned such a lovely shade of red.

Blueberrry bushes

These little ornamental grasses are too cute!

small ornamental grasses

Our Encore azaleas are blooming too!

Encore Azaleas

I love all of these berries on the Nandinas.


My lavender didn’t do well this year and I had NO harvest as opposed the previous years. I lost most of my plants and ended up planting new ones. However, a couple of the old ones are blooming right now.


We have three dogwood trees on the side of our house. This is the only one that is turning red so far this season, but it’s a beauty!


I love sedums and how they are so pretty this time of the year.


Dave grew this Amaranth in his butterfly garden. Kinda nasty looking if you ask me!!

AmaranthAnd a few more pictures:


ornamental grass

golden mop

Well, that’s our sunday colors for today.

Ace has been “helping” me in the studio.

Ace and Portrait

And I was able to sneak in a little dyeing this past week too.


I hope you’re enjoying your colors. Have a great Sunday!