Printed Fabric Bee: Science Giveaway

Well, this starts a new year for The Printed Fabric Bee Challenge. Jackie Lams was the October queen. Her theme was Science and she requested no pastels. Here is my final piece for her.

Printed bee science

I thought long and hard about this. What came to mind when I thought about science was DNA. After finding some pictures of DNA, I drew and then cut stencils out with my Portrait. I chose a piece I had dyed earlier.  It was originally white cotton fabric, scrunched and dyed with Lemon Yellow, Tangerine, and Cerulean Blue fiber reactive dyes.

After cutting my stencils, I place them on the fabric. I decided to cut them out of freezer paper so I could iron them to the fabric. That way nothing would get under the stencils when I added some color.

stencils on fabric

Then I grabbed some fabric markers and a couple of Sharpies. I really like the FabricMate Dye Markers.

Fabric markersI started outlining the stencils with the blue Fabricmate.

Outlining stencil

Then I came back on the right sides of the stencil and covered the blue with the tan Fabricmate to make a shadow effect.

Adding shadow

Here is what the fabric looked like when I removed the stencils.

sciencebee5It looked okay, but still needed something. To give more depth and interest I added blue and orange to the DNA strands.

Adding orange

And now how the piece looked.

beescience7I liked how it looked, but I felt it still needed something. How about some little dots of silver and gold? I added them with the Sharpies.

Adding silver and gold dotsAnd once again, the finished piece.

Printed bee scienceAnd a closeup.

Bee science closeup

Now for the giveaway. Here is my piece that’s part of the giveaway collection.


And here’s the collection.

Printed Fabric Bee giveaway

If you’d love to win this collection, just visit The Printed Fabric Bee  and leave a comment.  The deadline is November 17. Good Luck!