2014 Christmas Ornament

We decided not to decorate for the holidays this year. This was the first time I’ve not decorated a bit for Christmas in my life, but we both just didn’t feel like putting the time in to do that. One of the traditions I love that I wanted to keep was making Dave a Christmas ornament. I blogged about this tradition that started on our first Christmas in 2005 here.

So this year since we didn’t put up our tree, I made him a Christmas tree ornament.

2014 ornament

I also made a card to go with my ornament.

card and ornament

This was a fast and fun project. I found the tutorial on Life after Laundry. However, I made a few changes.

I started with an 8-inch circle. This is some of my dyed fabric leftover from Ange’s stole.

Cut circle

Then I folded it in half, wrong sides together and ironed.


I then serged the edges and ironed again.

Iron after serging

Now to folding it. I brought the curved side over to the straight side.

foldThen continued folding the fabric to the top. And a tree is born! I ironed over it to keep it from coming unfolded.


I wanted to add a little to the edges so I painted the serged edges that showed with Jacquard Lumiere. Those clips worked great to keep the fabric folded.

Painting sergingThen it needed sparkle so I added some bling.

Adding blingWhen finished decorating the tree, I glued down all of the folds. This should have been done before decorating.

glueunderfoldsI added a few more sparkles and a ribbon to hang. And there it is – our Christmas tree!

2014 ornament

That was so much fun and I finally used my serger! I also love to surprise Dave.