Free Motion Scribbling

One of the skills I want to learn this year is free motion quilting. I’ve always been in awe of those who can do it and their beautiful pieces. I’d like to add some of of this stitching to some pieces I plan to finish this year. However, I’m wondering now how long it actually will take before my free motion scribbling turns into quilting.

I’m really starting to think that maybe I should have tried this before now. But then as they (whoever they are) say, better late than never!

So I’ve been playing a little bit and have come up with free motion scribbling. I read that sewing your name is a good place to start. I don’t know about that.


I am taking a Craftsy class on this and have learned quite a lot. One thing she said was it does take practice. Well, That’s for sure!

I’d love to hear your free motion suggestions. What about batting? What about needles? How long did it take you to master it? Any help will be appreciated.

Wish me luck. Meanwhile if you are looking for me, I’ll be all hands on my sewing machine trying not to hold my breath while I scribble away.