Snow Dyeing 2015

Since it snowed AGAIN I thought I’d do a little snow dyeing.


In this session I’m really looking again to see colors split. I talked about and showed colors splitting on this post. I buy mostly “pure” dyes now which won’t split except give me lighter and darker shades of the color. However, I did have a few composite colors to try.

Here is a picture of Dave’s shirt with just a little snow left. I forgot to take pictures when I first started the process!


Here is his finished shirt snow dyed with Yucca. I’m not real excited about this result. Too much white for my taste and I’m not real fond of green. However, it did break out a bit. You might not be able to see it very well in this picture but there is a lot of blue and a small amount of yellow mixed in with the green.


I dyed myself a tshirt with Orchid. You can see in this picture how instead of orchid I got more of a raspberry and blue – my all time favorite color combination. I really love how this turned out with just a little white.


Then a piece of fabric dyed with Chocolate Brown. This is a lovely piece with lots of burgundy, rust, and gray.


Lastly, I dyed a piece with New Black. This is another lovely piece which includes blue gray and burgundy.


And a closeup. You can see in this picture the burgundy.


My reason for this experiment was to see the colors split and they did. Snow dyeing is what started me on this fabric dyeing journey back in 2010. Today I realized that I don’t like how I have NO control of the colors with this technique. With ice dyeing I can at least see where I’m putting the dye down. With the snow, I can’t see the fabric so I have no idea where it will land. Of course, there are also lots of surprises with ice dyeing, but at least I have a little more control. Maybe I’ll snow dye again next winter, but I much rather use ice. And with ice dyeing I can do it in the summer when the dyeing studio (garage) is warm. If you’re new to ice dyeing, check out my how to dye fabric with ice webinar that you can download and listen over and over again.

Talking about warm, I am so looking forward to spring and more dyeing. Hope you are having a creative Sunday and thanks for dropping by!