March Sun Printing

It’s pretty unheard of around here to sun print in March. However, the sun was out, the wind was calm, and it was 60 degrees so I thought I’d test it. I’ve not had much luck when the temperature is not real warm and the humidity is low. Anyway, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try.

Here are my results.


One thing I did differently was to put my fabric in containers (a couple of my marbling trays) so they would be somewhat protected from the wind. I think it really helped.

sunprintingMarch15On the left I used one of my fabric stencils as as mask with DyeNaFlow Bright Green. On the right I scrunched up the fabric using DyeNaFlow Claret and then painted the peaks with Periwinkle.

So here’s a closeup of the two fabrics.



I was really happy with the results although adding Periwinkle to the peaks of the last piece didn’t do much.

It was 60 degrees, with a slight wind, and 40% humidity. I’ll be teaching my sun printing class at Studio 4905 in Henderson, Kentucky June 18 with a rain date of June 25. If you are in the area and interested in the class, contact Sherry Wilkerson at 270-869-4469. It will be loads of fun!

Meanwhile, even though I’ve not been blogging much I have been working on several projects. I started Jane Dunnewold’s Color Studies Class. I am so excited to learn more about color theory. These are the color wheels we created for the first class. Love how the colors look on the black fabric. Yummy!

3colorwheelsI’ve also been working on the Printed Fabric Bee challenge.  I ended up with lots of masks from the stencils I created for the piece.  I’ll be blogging soon about the Bee piece and the one with the masks. I love getting two for one!


I’ve also been working on another Back to Basics video. I have so many loose ends!

Oh, did I tell you both Dave and Ace had birthdays this month? I’ll be posting a picture soon of both birthday boys, but here is Ace on his day. He’s three years old now. What joy and craziness he has brought into our lives!


I also have two books I’m reading and working my way through right now. I’m trying to give them both equal time in the evening.


I love this time of the year. Even though there will be lots of outside chores, I love to see my part of the world come alive. I’m excited that I’ll soon be able to actually do some dyeing in my dyeing studio/garage. In just the last week I have felt my energy level increase after what seems like an all- time low!

Hope you are enjoying the weather in your part of the world. Are you reading anything special? Do you have a new project you have just started working on? I’d love to hear about it.

And as always, thanks for dropping by.