April Sunday Stroll

Oh, how I love Spring! This past week has been pretty exciting here at Happy Acres. Let me take you on a short Sunday stroll.

For starters I harvested our first asparagus, which is a week or so earlier than normal.

firstasparagus15Since those two spears, I have picked enough for Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry! Later this week I will be grilling them and later adding them to a bean salad. Oh, how I love asparagus!

Everything is coming alive once again. The hostas are now starting to show.


The blueberry buds are popping out.


I’m really excited about this cherry tree we planted in 2007. This may be the first year we get a nice haul. We’ll still go pick at the local orchard, but it will be nice having our own again. Our cherry tree was cut down by mistake several years ago. If you want to read about that sad story, you can right HERE.


And a closeup of the blossoms.


We hope that in our lifetime we’ll have some Pawpaws. Right now the trees are still sticks, but we do have a couple buds on this one.


We also think we’ll have peaches this year.


Down by the cherries my two cats Sidd and Shel are buried. When they were alive a friend of mine gave me rocks that were painted from their pictures.  That was such a sweet and thoughtful gift. However, after they died, I just couldn’t have those reminders in the house so we used them as markers over their graves. They both died in 2011 and I’m amazed at how well the rocks have held up.

siddstone2015 shelstone2015

When I came in from working in the yard yesterday, Puddin and Ace were taking a nap. I love how she throws her leg over him.


Even though gardening keeps me busy this time of the year, I still try to make time for my art. One of the things I worked on this past week was an altar cloth for my sis. After choosing the font,  I cut out a stencil, and stenciled the fabric. I sure hope she likes it.

mari'sI also worked more on that indigo wall hanging. I ended up hand stitching two more birds. Even though I’m not into a lot of handwork, I really enjoyed it.


I also have started reading a couple books.

Blue Zone

In my goal to get organized I bought this cute Ikea cart. We don’t live near a store, but I was able to order it from their website. I’ll be using it for my sewing stuff that right now sits on the floor or in various places in my studio. The white cups I ordered from Amazon since I could not buy them directly from Ikea.

ikea cart

Well, that’s it for this Sunday roundup and stroll. I’ll be back this week with a fun technique or two. I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.