Blue and Gray

Today is all about blue and gray. I was trying to find colors that would make a nice sun pattern on pillowcases.  I also wanted to play on silk and vintage napkins.

I was dyeing with Celerean Blue, Nickel, and Black. My goal was to have a two-color sunburst. Here was my first attempt.

sunburstfirstattemptI thought it was pretty, but just too soft. I wanted separation of the colors, and I wanted both colors to be darker.

After a couple test batches I was happy with bumping up the nickel and adding black to the blue.


Dave liked this so much he requested a shirt with these colors.


And since I had some dye left I also dyed me a tshirt – one I bought just last Friday at the thrift store. Can’t beat a $1 shirt!


And a silk scarf. It’s interesting how different the dyes react on silk.

blueandgraysilkscarf While I was in this mode I also dyed some vintage napkins using just the blue.

bluevintagenapkinsHere is a closeup. With these napkins I never know how they will turn out.


Well, that’s all my dyeing for now. Hope you’re having a great week.