Jillian’s Clothes Soft Book

Over a  year ago Jillian’s mom gave me clothing to make Jilly a soft book. I made her a color quiet book awhile back. So after traveling down different roads, changing directions, ripping out, and serging,  I finally finished it! I tried to incorporate every piece Martha gave me, but the shoes just didn’t make it. I did use her pink shoelace though.

jilliansclothes1 Here is the finished book.

Jillian's clothingbook1The embroidery was from a jumper I found at a local thrift store. All of the other clothing was Jillian’s. The pages are made of fabric I dyed specifically for this book. Instead of embroidering words for this book, I printed them out on fabric.

This first page is about snaps. She can snap and unsnap her pants.

jilliansclothes2 The following page, the side with the instructions includes parts of a dress I didn’t have room to incorporate in this book. She can tie her shoe on this page.


This next page is about zippers. She can zip and unzip her dress.


This page spread is about buttons. On the opposite side she can button her sweet dress.

jilliansclothes5 jilliansclothes7After completing the pages, I added felt between them and surged the edges. I then added the grommets, binders, and some torn strips of my dyed fabric.

It’s been fun making this even thought I changed my mind so many times! Today I give it to her. Yipee!