Reality Warp Challenge

Lyric Kinard recently issued a Reality Warp challenge on her blog. Since I love challenges I thought I’d try my hand at this one. This is my finished piece.


How this challenge works is you start with an item – in this case it was a scissors. Taking your first piece of tracing paper, trace around the scissors.

realitywarp1Now place #2 tracing paper on top of this first one and again trace around the scissors moving it around. Once traced, erase what you don’t want.

realitywarp2You can see that I had erased the handles in my first drawing. I decided when tracing #2 I didn’t want to include the handles.

realitywarp3Now place #2 under #3 and trace again.

realitywarp4Again, you can erase anything you don’t want in your image.

Now place #3 under #4 and trace again.


You can go on and on with this, but I stopped after four. Here is the final image.

realitywarp7I scanned this into my Portrait and cut the image out of card stock to use to cut out the fabric.


I decided I wanted to use three of these images for my piece. I used three of my favorite dyed pieces. And here is another picture of my entry.

Heines_Scissors_fullIt was fun to see what everyone did with this challenge and how different they all were. Here is the online exhibit of all of the entries and the winners here.

I really loved this challenge. I also loved that I actually completed a project instead of just showing a process. And as those of you who’ve been with me for awhile you know that my 2015 word is completion. I’m really working to complete stuff this year instead of just playing with the process.

I’ll definitely do this again with other item.¬† Thanks to Lyric for this opportunity and this fun challenge.