Mandala Madness

Oh my! On July 6 I entered into mandala madness!


Well, what happened is I took Alisa Burke’s new Mandala Magic class. I really wasn’t expecting to get hooked. I’ve been following Alisa’s blog for years and loved Sew Wild. (I  reviewed her book when it came out in 2011.)

I really love mandalas and love her art so I thought it would be a great class. I’ve been feeling like I needed to create some different art and this was a great springboard for me.

Here is my very first mandala.



Then I made an artist date with myself and went to Barnes and Noble and drew another one.


Then I decided to use some color. I think I went a bit overboard on this one.


And here is one of my favorites so far.

7:15mandalaAnd this one.


mandala7:12 mandala7:16


Well, I’ve been making mandalas now for almost two weeks. I’ve found that even when they aren’t quite “perfect” they still look good as long as I repeat patterns. Also, they all look different. Once I feel confident about my drawing, I’m planning on taking them to fabric. I’m so excited to add them to my tool box of fabric surface design techniques. But for now I’m happy to play on paper.

Besides drawing mandalas, Dave and I visited Bluegrass Fish & Wildlife Saturday to see all of these lovely sunflowers. What a way to brighten up a day!

sunflowerbluegrass3 sunflowerbluegrass2 sunflowers1That’s all for today. Hope you’re having a colorful day. Thanks again for dropping by.