Alcohol Inks and Yupo

A couple years ago I was looking for an art workshop to attend and saw one on playing with this paper and the inks taught by Cathy Taylor. It wasn’t possible for me to go to that workshop, but I did stop by Blick’s and purchase a large piece of the Yupo.¬† I filed it away and forgot about it!

Then last year when we visited Asheville we stopped by an art gallery and there was Cathy! It was neat to meet her, but still I hadn’t experimented with this plastic-like paper.

Then the other day I was tooling around the web and came upon a video using alcohol ink and Yupo. I just had to get out my inks and the paper and play. If you’re not familiar with Yupo, it’s a synthetic paper. I bought it in a large sheet, but now it comes in pads of smaller sizes.

I wasn’t sure what I was doing but love the results. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any process pictures. I used the alcohol inks with the alcohol blending solution.


I used Ranger alcohol inks – ginger, latte, meadow, butterscotch and stream – on these.


On the top and right one I used bottle and terracotta. On the bottom left I used carmel, currant, denim and butterscotch. For the red one not shown I used raspberry and lettuce.

alcoholyupo1Now to add them to card bases.

alcoholinkcardsAnd a close up of the sets.



Using alcohol inks on Yupo is pretty interesting. I love all of the shadows which give the pieces some depth. If you are not familiar with these products used together, You Tube has lots of tutorials.

One of these will be heading out the door this week to a friend for her wedding anniversary. It will be nice to have cards ready for any occasion. Have you tried playing with alcohol inks and Yupo?