Organizing and more

Can you believe the summer is almost over? I sure can’t. Here is a little of what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.

I have been reading this organizing book since I have a strong urge to move stuff out of here!


I really like her idea of organizing not by room, but by category. So, for example, you gather all of your socks (a subset of the clothing category), pull them out of the drawer(s) and touch each one. Thank each piece for its use and decide whether it needs to be thrown out due to lack of life left, recycled to the thrift store for someone else to love, or keep.

Yesterday, we were having some work done on our master closet so everything was taken out. According to Marie, it’s much more effective to remove all of the items from their location before sorting. I went through all of my clothing which was an emotional and really exhausting experience! I got rid of stuff that I still love and it still fits, but I will never wear it. And really, how many jackets and outfits does one need? So after several hours I ended up with several bags for our local thrift store. After finishing the closet, I put the bags and boxes into my car and took them away. Nothing in the garage waiting to go to Mother Theresa Treasures is safe until it is at their store!

So, here is the “before and after” of my side of the closet.  The top shelf items are still waiting to be gone through.  I still have way too many clothes, but I now know what I have. They also are organized so when I want a short sleeve shirt or a jacket I can find it. I love all of the shirts lined up so nicely! I still need to attack my drawers, but at least I’ve got a good start on the clothing category. My studio will be next.


It is an interesting book and she does have some great suggestions for tidying up. However, some of her suggestions (put books in a closet and empty your purse every night) are really out there. Also, since this book has been translated from Japanese, the English is – hard for me to describe – maybe formal. But it is worth the read if you are interested in a different approach to organizing and like me, you’ve tried it all.

Tomatoes have been coming in strong here so I recently made a batch of ketchup. There is nothing like homemade ketchup!


Something I’ve loved but haven’t done in way too many years is kayaking. My friend Connie and I headed out last week to one of our local lakes and enjoyed several hours on the calm still water. I am so looking forward to doing that again.


I sent off my block to the Charleston Modern Quilt Guild for the Mother Emanuel quilt they are putting together.


I’ve been asked what I am going to do with all of the mandalas I’ve been making. I’m still working on paper, but hope to move to fabric soon. Here is a card I made with one of my favorites.


I’ll be turning 65 at the end of this year which to me is BIG! Last year I made a list of what I wanted to do before that date. One of them involved going with my friend Barb to see her mom and sis. We went several weeks ago and had a great time. Besides spending time with mom in the nursing home, Barb, Jeanie and I went to a nearby arts and craft/farmers market.


I had never seen a pizza oven in a truck. Very clever!

artfair2  Barb took this picture of me in the farmer’s market area. Lots of lovely, LARGE produce there!


The second one on the list is driving down to Alabama to see my sis. I’ve not seen her in many years although we keep up via email and phone. I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning for this solo journey. It’s been a long time since I’ve driven this long of a distance by myself to somewhere I’ve never been so it’s both exciting and scary. The car has been checked out and cleaned out, and I’m almost packed.

Well, that’s it for what’s been going on here. Hope you are having a good Sunday. Thanks for dropping by and see you later on this week.