One Little Tag: March Dots

As I mentioned in this post, I’ve taken up this year-long challenge to create a tag a day. Well, I’ve not done real well on creating one daily. I’ve revised my challenge to at least do some tags a month, but don’t want the pressure of a daily tag. Here is my collection so far.


For February, on this post I showed you how I was using liquid watercolors and gesso on my tags. Here they are from last month.


And my favorite tags of the group are these.


So for March I decided to try my hand at pointillism – art using just dots. We saw a lot of this in Australia. Here is one of the paintings by a local artist that we brought home from that trip.


I’ve seen a lot of this art on the web, especially on rocks, something I definitely want to try if I can get the technique down.

I started by using these Dot Riffic pens I’ve had for years. I don’t believe they are made anymore. Here are several of my tags using them. I wasn’t really happy with the dots.


Next I moved on to regular markers. I use these to color in my mandalas. I wasn’t really excited about these either.


Then after some research I saw that some artists were using these nail dot pens. I bought this Glam Hobby nail art kit through Amazon to see if they would would work better.


I absolutely love the look. I’m using acrylic paint with the different size dot pens. Here are just a couple tags I’ve made with them. Love, Love, Love the look! I like that these pens have wood handles and with the kit I get lots of brushes too!

dotswithdotpensI’m looking forward to exploring more with these art.

Meanwhile, so much is going on here – lots of dyeing, teaching, and now gardening. Last week I worked on the asparagus bed cleaning it out, and yesterday I spotted our first spear. Yipee!! This week I’ll be finishing my cleaning job and mulching with all of that paper I’ve been shredding for the past two months!


Both Dave and Ace have birthdays in March. Ace will be 4 in a couple days, and Dave is much older than that now!! I always like to get a picture of the two of them to document this event.


We celebrated Dave’s birthday with a trip to Nashville to see John Prine. This was my 4th time seeing him in concert. I never was a big fan of his until I met Dave and we started going to concerts. He’s such a talented songwriter, fun to watch, has such a sense of humor, and is so humble. It’s amazing that his songs are timeless. Anyway, it was a wonderful concert.

That’s all for now. Thanks for dropping by and welcome to my new readers. So glad you are here.