Two More Silk Scarf Dyeing Classes

March has been a really busy month with my Easy and Fun Silk Scarf Dyeing classes. I started off the month with two classes on the first Saturday at Scattered Art. Then I was back at Gilda’s to teach another class on the March 16. Saturday was my last class for the month.

Saturday’s class came about because Carol wanted to attend the class with a few of her friends. Her friend Marilyn lives in an apartment complex with a really nice community room. She was able to get that for the class and that was how the class came together.

Here are some of the pictures from Saturday’s class. Here is Carol helping me with setup. Thanks again Carol!


And the group picture. It always amazes me what lovely and different scarves come out of these classes.


Here is a closer look at some of the scarves:

This was Gilda’s class with all but two of the participants. Again beautiful results.


My next class in Friday, April 1 where I’ll be showing the Patchwork Central after school program participants how to dye a scarf. I’ve not taught kids how to dye silk yet, so that should be lots of fun.

In other art news, the Printed Fabric Bee blog posts this month are from Judy Gula about playing with wood printing blocks. If you are interested in this type of printing, hop on over to this blog and enter her giveaway. I’ll be posting over there next month about ice dyeing.

I recently received this in the mail. I ordered it as soon as I heard Joanne was publishing a new book. I read it in one evening sitting!! When life slows down a bit, I’ll be playing with some of her techniques. There are a couple I definitely will be blogging about!


Meanwhile, our asparagus is starting to come up. This is always an exciting time here when we spot the first spears. My very first harvest this year was on March 17, three weeks earlier than last year! Between art I’ve been cleaning up the asparagus bed getting it ready for the season. Oh, and eating some of it!


As always, thanks for dropping by. I hope you have a creative and colorful week.