June this and that

It’s such a busy time around here with gardening and all. This year I met one of my goals – to have the asparagus bed and the shade garden done before June 1. This was a first and pretty exciting.

Here is the asparagus bed all ready for the summer. The stalks will produce beautiful ferns before long.

finishedasparbedHere is the shade garden.

shadegarden16catshadegardenshadegardenmushThe cherries have turned. We got just enough for one cobbler from our tart cherry tree and only seven cherries from the sweet tree.

The lavender bed is doing great this year. I’ll be harvesting the buds in the next week or so. The large lavender on the left with white buds is Melissa which we use in baking and in iced tea. I wrote a post about making Lavender shortbread cookies here.


I also ice dyed a couple mandalas. They are only 12 inch squares which are really hard to fold. Next time I’ll try larger pieces of fabric.

newblackmandala Brazilnutmandala

Then I’ve been playing with paint a bit.

paintpractice These sponges are going to be fun with stencils!

spongesThat’s all that’s going on here. I’ll be taking off soon heading to Cincinnati for an art retreat where I’ll be learning something new. Can’t wait!! Have a great weekend!