Eco Printing With Jacqueline

It’s funny how I swore at the beginning of the year that I would not be dragged into another art form. But then I got an email from Jacqueline Sullivan about her Eco Print Retreat “Exploring Nature’s Patterns” and my resolution for the year was broken!

The retreat took place at the Transfiguration Spirituality Center in Cincinnati. This is a quiet oasis in this bustling city. Here is the beautiful labyrinth on grounds.

labryinth1 Of course I had to walk it.

I spent the beginning of the retreat picking plant leaves and flowers to print with.


Saturday morning Jacqueline took us through the whole process.

prepforeco2prepforeco1prepforeco3So we got started and placed our bundles in the turkey roasters.


Here is my first bundle that had been cooking in the onion pot for 2 1/2 hours. That’s deli paper hanging out the sides.

ecounveiling1And here is a reveal of one of the pages. This is False Indigo or Baptisia. These were my favorite leaves.

ecounveiling2And now to remove the leaves.


Here are a few of those first prints.


And here are some of my favorite prints. These are on deli paper.

ecodelipaperThese are on a variety of different papers.

ecoprintsWe also made a journal. Here is my favorite piece of paper and the journal.



Then we worked on silk. I didn’t get a lot of marking on this one. I’ll be over dyeing this piece.

ecootherscarfThis one did work out although I would have liked it darker. I should have kept it in the pot longer.

ecoscarfIt was so much fun to get away and to learn something new. I recommend, if you have a chance, taking a class from Jacqueline Sullivan. She’s a great teacher. Also, Glenda Miles was great with correspondence and all of the before retreat info and also taking care of us during the event. She’s a great event planner and artist. Check out her website on her company and upcoming art classes.

As I said, it was so much fun to learn something new and to meet and spend time with other artists. Now to get back to my art. Looking forward to my Easy and Fun Silk Scarf Dyeing classes this weekend. If you’re local, you still have time to register for the Friday evening class. Contact Dolly at 812.490.0074.