Updating Icy Delights Class

It has been so much fun to see all of the beautiful fabric and clothing my Icy Delights students are creating. Several have even sold some of their beauties including Marie who sold one of her purses for $150! Makes my heart happy!

When I started designing the class I decided I wanted to show how colors split. If you have never ice dyed, the color chip in the catalog is not always how it looks when it’s ice dyed. By showing how a lot of the dyes split, I could save students from purchasing some that they might not want for their projects. They also could discover those that they love. Through my experimenting I’ve come up with a couple of my new favorite colors.

In my update I’ve included some of Jacquard fiber reactive dyes that they sent me to test. Their dyes have been added to my master list of color splits which now includes 45 different colors! Aren’t these beauties?

Icy Delight Jacquard Dyes
Jacquard dyes ice dyed

I also added some patterns including a video on how to fold and clamp each piece. I like to test with one color, or in this case one color combo, to see the results all in the same colors.

Icy Delights PatternsMy favorite of these are the following two, although I really love all of them. I love how the blue peeks out on the second piece.

Icy Delights pattern Icy Delights pattern

I also added some more color combos. Isn’t this one beautiful?

Icy Delights Combo

I also added this video about using spice shakers to add dye to the ice. Here it is if you’d like to see it.

Shortly after opening the class in May I added a downloadable dye calculator. Students were having trouble with the math and this calculator made it so much easier to figure out how much dye to use to get my results.

With the class we have a Facebook Group where lots of great sharing is going on. Students don’t have to join the group, but it’s really been fun and we’ve all learned so much from each other there.

If you’d like to join in on the fun, check out Icy Delights at Lyndaheines.com. If you have any questions about the class, feel free to email me at lheines at wowway dot com.

So much more has been going on too here besides ice dyeing, but I’ll leave that for next time. Hope you have a colorful weekend and as always thanks for dropping by.