Sunday Roundup: July 17

It’s time for a Sunday Roundup.

I’ve been harvesting blueberries every other morning. I get out there early before the heat sets in. This year’s harvest has not been as productive as in the past although we will end up with four gallon bags for the freezer. That doesn’t include eating blueberries every morning in our muesli. Here’s my harvest from yesterday.


A big storm came in last week and blew down several large branches from one of our Bradford Pears. We were lucky they missed the garage and the truck! Other people weren’t so lucky.

I hauled off the 4th load to the dump yesterday. We still have at least another load.

I’ve been working on a new local class called Painted Zippered Bags. I’ll be offering it at Scattered Art in Newburgh, Indiana on August 6. It was fun to get back into paint!


Last week I taught a tie dye class for the kid’s summer camp at Gilda’s Club in Evansville Indiana. I fixed way too much dye for the class, but wanted to be sure we had enough.

dyesforgildasI brought the 25 shirts home to batch and wash. It was a beautiful day so they batched in the sun.

batchinginsunHere are the finished pile of shirts before I took them back to Gilda’s. They were all beautiful! The kids all seem to have fun and I had lots of helpers.

tiedyedshirtsI’ll be back at Gilda’s next month teaching Wind Wishes, a class where we’ll be painting inspirational flags.


Blackberries have gone wild, so I made us a cobbler. Yum!


I was also on WEHT Local Lifestyles talking about drawing and using mandalas in art. The four minutes sure went fast! You can see the interview here.

I used to kayak a lot. I was so excited last summer when I found out that my friend Connie also loved to kayak. We went out once and then the summer was over. This year I decided that I wanted to make sure I’d get out on the water more than that. I posted on Facebook asking if any FB friends might like to kayak with us. We received a good response and had our first group paddle a couple weeks ago. Our next adventure will be tomorrow.  That’s me on the right with the yellow vest. Rae, Thank you for the picture.


Dave and I also got our bicycles tuned up and took our first spin in many years in the nearby school parking lot. We hope to be spending some time on them in the coming weeks.

As far as Puddin, she’s doing her usual thing – sleeping and being cute!


Well, that’s it for today.  What’s going on in your world?

As always, thanks for dropping  by.