Painted Zippered Bag Class

We had so much fun yesterday at my Painted Zippered Bag class. They created some lovely bags.

PaintedzipperbagclassUnfortunately, I didn’t get pictures of all of the completed bags. They were amazing! Here are some pictures from the class.

The classroom – all ready for the students.

paintedzip7We used  mostly Jacquard Textile and Lumiere paints. I like that they are thick enough for stenciling, but not too thick to spread over the canvas. Of course, they also can be watered down.


paintedzip1 paintedzip2 paintedzip3 paintedzip4 paintedzip5 paintedzip6

What a fun class. We plan to schedule another one soon. If you are local and interested in this class, email me at lheines at wowway dot com.

I caught Puddin standing up the other day. She did it several times and stayed standing, but by the time I got the camera I didn’t get a great shot. I was just so surprised.

puddinstandingupWhat was she looking at? The only thing we could come up with was the Limelight Hydrangea that is right outside my window. This is the first year they have bloomed that tall! Several times I’ve thought someone was out there looking in.

hydrangeaoutwindowThanks for dropping by. Have a great day!