Colorful Rope Coasters

I’ve been kind of obsessed with playing with rope. This time it’s making colorful rope coasters.

coasterprojectTo get the beautiful colors I dyed my rope with just three fiber reactive dyes: Cerulean Blue, Fuchsia, and Golden Yellow. (If you are not interested in using these dyes, the rope could be dyed with Tulip or other dyes you can find at local craft stores.)

moredyedropeI love that when the colors blend. So once I let the rope batch for 24 hours, I rinse it in cold until the water runs clear. Then I soak in hot soapy water, rinse again, and then let soak in another hot soapy water pan overnight, and then rinse. Usually I don’t see anymore dye, but if I would, I’d soak again. Since I’m not putting this in the washing machine, I need to make sure all of the extra dye is gone. Once it’s rinsed for last time, I hang it to dry which might take another day.

Then it’s time to get on the machine and start sewing. There are alot of tutorials online about how to sew this rope, but what really helped me was Alisa Burke’s class. I talk a little about it on this post. Since I love to dye, instead of painting the rope or wrapping with fabric, I dye it.

colorfulcoastersmakingHere I’m testing out the coaster with my water glass to make sure it works!

colorfulcoastersAnd here is my collection again.

coasterprojectI made these for a Christmas party. We only have an ornament exchange, but I thought it would be neat to give everyone one of these to brighten up the upcoming dreary season. And I’ve had so much fun making them.

I did buy 3-strand cotton which I’m really looking forward to working with. I’ve seen some beautiful baskets made with it.

3-strandcottonJust a reminder. Thursday is the last day to register for Icy Delights, my online class on ice dyeing fabric. I will close registration for this class on Friday and won’t reopen until February. Unlike a lot of online classes, I’ve been adding new information as the year has progressed letting everyone know via the monthly email update. And our Facebook group is very active with lots of sharing.

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That’s all for today. Hope you have a colorful week.