How to: Playing Cards Case

Here is what I made with my painted canvas – a playing cards case.

playcard17playcard14Of course, I could have made a variety of other things with this painted canvas including, but not limited to, journal covers, zip purses, and wall hangings.

However, the reason for choosing a playing cards case, is that on vacation Dave and I play cards. We never bring them out when we are at home, but on vacation we play lots of cards! Usually I throw in a deck or two in my suitcase, but I’ve been known to forget them and we’ve ended up buying them while out of town. Now we have a nice supply of them and they reside in my suitcase all year round. Dave will bring a notepad, and then we’ll scrounge around for a pen. With this playing cards case, everything is together. But really what gave me the idea was what I found while going through some old boxes in the basement last summer. This was my mom’s.

playingcardholderplayingcardholder2When I saw it, I decided I had to make one. I made one in fabric and really didn’t like it. I wanted something much sturdier. That’s where the canvas came in.

So let’s get started. Maybe you have someone who would love to have a playing cards case.

Cut the canvas to 6.5 inches by 20 inches.

playcard1Lay the canvas painted side down and fold both edges in 5 inches. This way you can audition which side will be the front.


Once you have decided take pinking shears and cut around the whole piece.


playcard4Now fold back the two 5-inch flaps, fold in half,  and iron.

playcard9Open up and cut the left side so it’s 5 inches tall, except at the corner where I’ve left about a half inch.


Cut the right side so it’s 4 1/2 inches wide.

playcard8Iron again to find the center fold and mark it.

playcard10Now we’re ready to take this to the sewing machine. First sew around the whole outside. Then sew the center line that was marked.

playcard11Then I sew a quarter inch on both sides. The one side will hold down the tablet pocket.

playcard12So here it is all sewn up.

playcard13Now all we need to do is add out tablet, pen and cards and we are set. Two decks of cards are in the right pocket. My tablet is 3 1/2 x 5 inches.

playcard15Here it is closed.

playcard16If you want to add a strap to keep it closed (although it really doesn’t need it), cut a thin strip of your fabric 23 inches, cut with pinking shears, and add a snap.

playcard17The strap could also double as a bracelet!! As I said earlier, this canvas could be used for other projects including journal covers, zip bags and/or wall hangings. It was so much fun to paint on the canvas adding all of those layers.

Now I’m ready to play cards! Thanks for dropping by.