Positive Prayer Flag Swap

Last month Lynn Krawczyk  proposed a positive prayer flag swap on Facebook. With all of the negativity in the news, it was a great idea to spread some positive thoughts.

It’s been awhile since I made prayer flags, so I thought it would be a fun and fast project to ease me into after everything that’s been going on here with my back and all. Here are those finished flags.

To get started I dug out the dry brush fabric and used my Scan and Cut to cut some words. I showed you this picture on the last post. As you can tell, the finished flags don’t look anything like how they started!

I used this Artistcellar Texture Series stencil designed by Jill Berry. The words represent all of the talk that’s going on right now.

I stenciled the design with PROFAB Magenta Textile paint.

Now that I had a “noisy” background,  I started auditioning fabric strips, lace, and some metal leaves.  “Trust” was the word I chose for these flags.

I dipped white lace in Jacquard Dye-Na-Flow Magenta so it would match my flags. The green fabric is from my dyed stash. My next step was to add the green fabric which would break up the “noise” and bring some calm to the flag.

Then I added the dyed lace.

Next I sewed both pieces down to the flag.

I decided that the cut letters, even if I changed fabric colors, would not work on this flag. I went to my backup – printing words on fabric –  and added to the lace. Lastly I added the feather charm which has many means including trust.

So my message was to be calm and trust yourself amid all of the noise. Of course, the recipients of these flags can make their own interpretations.

They have now been mailed to Lynn.  I am so looking forward to the flags I’ll be receiving in April. I made six for the swap and one for me so I’ll have a total of seven flags. I’ll post them when I receive them.

Meanwhile, it’s amazing what is coming up in the yard. We’ve not had much of a winter at all this year and everything is starting to come out. It’s way too early! I’ve not seen any asparagus yet, but the magnolia tree is starting to bloom and it smells so sweet.

I do love Spring when everything is new again. I’m looking forward to getting out and spending time tending to the areas. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.