How To: Toilet paper tube bird feeder

I was meeting with my friend Martha and her daughter Jillian this week and I wanted a fun easy activity we could do together. I thought a toilet paper tube bird feeder would be perfect and would feed our birds.

Here is what you need:

  • peanut butter and knife
  • toilet paper tubes (or paper towel tubes)
  • bird seed
  • pan
  • wire and wire cutters (You can also use jute or ribbon.)

Start by painting the tube with peanut butter.

Next roll the peanut-covered tube in the bird seed.

Pat the seed down so it has good contact with the peanut butter.

Cut wire and thread through the tube. You can also use ribbon or jute.

Then put on your coat and go hang them in your trees.  Here is Jillian hanging one.

Now wait for the birds to find your feeder. Within 10 minutes I had birds checking mine out. However, they couldn’t get to my feeders since they were hanging too far from the branch. I twisted the wire around so the feeders sit on the limb. Now my feathered friends can reach it easily. Here is one of my first visitors – a male yellow finch.

After we finished making the bird feeders, Jillian had fun playing with the seeds.

I’m slowly getting back to creating and blogging. Thanks for dropping by.