Studio Redo

For the last week or so I’ve been working on my studio redo. In addition to moving furniture around, I’ve gone through my stash and took it off to Goodwill. I still have lots of stuff, but now it seems manageable.

For this redo, I decided to draw it out. Here is how the studio looked on paper before.

Although I measured this room and the shelves and furniture, this still wasn’t real accurate. It looks like I have lots of room as I walk in and that wasn’t the case. The cutting/work table was taking up so much of my room. Since I wasn’t using the one side of it, I decided it needed to go next to the wall. By consolidating, I got rid of the shelf on the other side of the cutting table. Here is the final placement.

A few things did not change. The glass cabinet and the tall shelves on the wall to the right as you come in the door stayed in the same place. I did rearrange and went through all of the stuff on those shelves. I ended up storing the large bins on the top shelves. They were on the floor under the cutting table before. I still have some labeling yet to do, but I’m in good shape now.

I also didn’t move the sewing area, although I did move my Brother and the serger. I like now that the Brother looks out toward the picture window. I used the Brother for the first time since the move and I just love this placement. My old Elna sits in the closet as before. Since I don’t work on large projects with it, this is the perfect place. Behind the curtain are more supplies that I don’t use a lot but need to keep in this room. The curtain serves as a back drop for pictures and also as a design board.

The cutting table works out well in front of the window. It’s a mess already from yesterday’s play. I still have three bins on the left that eventually I’d like to find room for in the closet. the Ikea cart and the 4-drawers fit nicely under the cutting table. The waste basket fits on the right side between the shelf and the table, but I moved it yesterday to work on the table and failed to move back.

The desk has been moved so now I can take advantage of both windows! I really like the view when I’m not looking at the screen. And in the middle of the room is the recliner. Before it was in front of the small window. I really hated having my back to window since I don’t have any curtains. No one can see in it, but I still didn’t like the feel at night.

Of course, the studio would be more open if I didn’t have the recliner, but it’s a great place for me to draw and also to relax at the end of the day. I felt putting it in the center of the room emphasized to me that relaxing is also important.

This new studio redo has not made Ace happy. He’s had some problems getting up in the window, although today he’s fine. Puddin loves her mat with the water bowl just under the small window. It’s been there for several weeks but behind the recliner. She likes it better out in the open.

I’m happy with this redo. I know there are things that can still be changed, but it’s nice to have a new order. Putting the design on paper was really helpful. Now I feel ready to really do some sewing and making some stuff.

Meanwhile, gardening chores are ramping up. I spent several hours this week working on the sun garden. And then a couple days ago I harvested our first asparagus spear! Yipee.

The weather has turned cold today so I’ll be working on what I started yesterday afternoon. More about it later.

Thanks for dropping by.