Painting canvas class

There is nothing like a new online class to inspire me.

I just completed “Paint & Stitch: Vibrant Acrylic Quilts” on This painting canvas class is taught by the talented Katie Pasquini Masopust.

I learned a couple new things, and I feel this class really stretched me.

I’ve painted on canvas, but never took her approach of painting. She has you paint on  three at a time, and then cut them up to make a quilt.

Here are my finished canvases.

It was so hard for me to cut them up. I love all three of them, but especially the red/orange one. I made my first two blocks to begin the process.

And after much playing, here is the quilt just waiting to be bound.

I’ve started on my next art quilt that will include these three blocks. If you are wondering where the red/orange went, I’m using the lighter areas of that canvas.

I like this set much better. I’ve never worked in anything quite abstract like this, so it’s been an interesting experience.  I like the idea of working on three different canvases so you end up with lots of fabric to play with. I’m thinking I can get three art quilts from these canvases with some fabric left over.

As you know, if you’ve followed me for any length of time, I absolutely love online classes. This is the first class I’ve taken on Iquilt in a long time. The only thing I don’t like about that platform is you can’t view other students’ questions. Otherwise, the classroom is easy to navigate, and Katie got back with me quickly on my question. Some of what I learned in this class can be transferred to working with my ice-dyed fabric.

What a great project the kids at Sharon Elementary, the school just down the road from me, participated in lately. I walked down there yesterday to get a good look at their painted rocks.

Love these painted rocks.

Lastly, lots going on in the gardens. I’ve been harvesting asparagus every day. Saturday while cutting the grass I noticed one of my recently purchased plants had flowered. Isn’t she a beauty?

Hope you have a great week!