Resin Play

This year I decided that I wouldn’t limit my art to fabric. I’ve wanted to play with resin for several years. In July I decided to see what I could do with this new-to-me medium.

Here are a couple resin pendants.

Here is resin on a tile. These photographs really don’t show the beauty of the glitter and the colors.

Here are resin on discs.

Here is a closeup.

There are a variety of different resins to use. I chose Art Resin. As with all resins, they come in two bottles. You mix equal portions and then poured onto surface. Before pouring I added paint. For the discs and tile I used my torch to move the resin around. Add glitter last.

What got me off the computer and into the studio to try resin was Kellie Chasse’s online class. Info on her classes can be found here.

I really love the jewelry and look forward to making more.

Ice Dyeing

Meanwhile I ice dyed another top for me. This is why I love ice dyeing. The results are usually pretty stunning. If you’ve never tried ice dyeing and are interested, check out my online class, Icy Delights, here.

Soft Kitties

Ole Grumpy Kitty dropped by the studio last week. I’m hoping his friends, who will be joining him soon, will be in a better mood!

Rope for Bowls

I also have dyed a bit more rope for another bowl. This one is 1/4 inch, a bit thicker rope compared to the two I’ve used before. Check out this post where I compared the two different ropes I’ve used.

Worked on the bowl and just ran the bobbin out. Now to reload and finish this beauty.

Sewing Indigo

Trying to use up some of my fabric. Here is another one of those small bags with my indigo dyed fabric.

Hope you’re having a colorful week.