Road trip and quilts

We took a short trip to Nashville Indiana last week. Our plans included some hiking and shopping and of course, eating. The key word here is “included.” This picture kind of said it all!!

Here is one of the shops we dropped in.

We also found an olive oil bar. We visit these stores wherever we go and were excited to see another one here in Nashville. If you aren’t familiar with “olive oil bars” it’s a store that sells lots of different flavored olive oils and vinegars, but you also can taste them all. Since we cook a lot and also make our own salad dressings, these oils and vinegars sure add a lot of variety to our meals.

If you’ve followed me for a while you know I love potato mashers and playing with them on fabric. I saw this beautiful one. However, it was attached to a basket. Darn!

We traveled several miles from Nashville to the Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room near Bean Blossom. Not only is it a really neat restaurant, they also sell lots of plants.

What a beautiful place! And the food is good too.

Then we went back to Nashville to check out some more shops. That’s when the trip changed from a three-day getaway, to one day. We saw a bumper sticker on a business door. I walked by it and then decided to go back and take a picture. On my way back to take that picture, I tripped and fell! After spending the last 8 months working on fixing the last fall, I couldn’t believe I fell again. But once Dave helped me up, I took the picture I went back for.

After taking this picture, we went back to the cabin, packed up, and headed home. But the good news is I just sprained my right arm and every day it’s been getting better. I’m sore other places too, but I’m so thankful I didn’t break anything. Tomorrow I have an appointment to see the eye doctor!

Friday I ventured out to our local quilt show. Years ago I was a member of the Raintree Quilters Guild and was even an officer. I was looking forward to seeing all of the quilts, but also hoping I’d run into some of the members I’ve not seen in years. I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m not into traditional quilts, but I do love this Sunbonnet Sue. In addition to being a large quilt, the girls were really big too!

I loved this different take on log cabins.

Here are some of the other ones I liked.

I’m so anxious to create, and hopefully this week I will get back to it. I have lots to share. Hope you’re having a creative and colorful Sunday.