Best of 2017 Tutorials

As we end another year, I am again looking back on my best of 2017 tutorials. If you missed them, the links are at the top of each picture.

I really have enjoyed making those cord bowls, but instead of covering the cord with fabric, I dyed it. Check out the tutorial here.

I’ve always loved the look of reverse applique, so this year I tried it with some of my ice dyed fabric. Here is my tutorial.

I’ve tried carving stamps and I really have not enjoyed that. However, making stamps out of foam is really fun. Here is my tutorial on making foam stamps.

Dry brush dyeing was another fun technique I tried this year. Check out the tutorial on it here.

I love to sun print. However, this year I decided to over sunprint to fix a piece and/or to add another layer. You can find my post here.

Over sun printing

Lastly, this new ornament this year made from my fabric stash was so easy and so much fun. Here is the tutorial for my fabric scrappy ornament.

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