Resists with Colorhue Dyes

If you want to add color to silk easy and fast, Colorhue dyes are the way to go. Today I’m showing resists with Colorhue dyes.

I’m using two different resists in this post. The first one is Jacquard Water-Based Resist. If you had trouble in the past with their resists, this is the new formula and it works great!

Here I’ve applied the resist to the silk hanky and let it dry.

Since these dyes work much better on wet silk, I sprayed the silk with water. I use a sprayer because I don’t want the silk to get real wet and dissolve the resist.

Once the silk is wet, I added my prepared Colorhue dyes to spray bottles and sprayed the hanky.

Here is how it looks after I was finished spraying.

I only used three colors, but they blended so nicely on the silk.

Since the dyes are instant set, all I needed to do is let them set for a minute or two, blot them dry, and then rinse out the resist.

And the finished piece. Easy and fast!

I also had a hanky dyed yellow earlier with Colorhue. This was an experiment gone wrong, but it would work perfect for this.

I added the Jacquard Water-Based Resist and then let it dry.

Again, I sprayed with water and then sprayed with two colors: turquoise and red. Since my base was yellow, the colors blended with the yellow. Once the resist was rinsed off, the yellow design popped!

For the last sample I used Elmer’s School Glue.

Here is the complete design.

Once the glue has dried, I again spritzed the silk with water and sprayed on the color. I waited a minute or two, as I did with the others, and rinsed out the glue.

Here are all three.

I really love using the Jacquard resist. It is easy to remove and dye won’t get under the resist area. The glue resist is hard to dissolve, and it doesn’t keep all of the dye from getting under it as you can see in the photo. Also, on the silk, the glue will not resist the dye if the lines are thin. The dye will just seep under the glue.

Colorhue Dyes are so easy to use (on silk only) and doesn’t change the hand (feel) of the fabric. If you are interested in learning more about Colorhue Dyes, check out my online class, Easy Silk Dyeing. Here is a link to the class.  Come join the fun and see what beautiful silk you can create. Here are a couple of my silk pieces.

Or you can dye ready-made items including scarves.

Meanwhile, we’ve been eating a lot of salads. Dave grows the lettuces in these salad boxes in the greenhouse. I can’t wait until all of the yummy produce comes in from the garden.

It looks like it may be Spring – finally!!

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