Dyeing with sari silk

I bought sari silk awhile back and really haven’t done much with it. Cleaning out my old email the other day I came across an August email from my online friend Leann (check out her blog here)  where she asked if I ever tried dyeing with sari silk. What a great idea to do on a dreary cold day!

And here is that scarf dyed with sari silk.

The process to dye with this fabric is the same as with silk ties. Here is my tutorial on the process if you aren’t familiar with it.

Here is my sari silk.

I placed the sari silk on the scarf just like I did the ties.

Rolled it up, boiled it, and that’s all there is to it. I can see doing more of this. The ribbon could be placed a lot of different ways. Now that I know it works, I’ll have to play some more!

In that tutorial back in 2016 I talked about my appearance on the Local Lifestyles TV show where I demonstrated the technique. I had tied up a bundle to dye to show the audience. I brought it home and put it with my ties. When I was looking for the cotton used under the silk, I found the bundle! So I went ahead and dyed it too. This one, of course, is dyed with ties.

Then I wanted to try dyeing using some fabric, specifically a silk skirt.

I always loved the pattern on this skirt but I knew I’d never wear it so I cut it up and put it on the scarf. This silk scarf had been eco dyed, and I really never liked it.

I was a bit disappointed with the results, and I’m not sure why I didn’t get a stronger pattern from the skirt. However, it is interesting that all of the pink showed up and it really improved that scarf.

But if you know me, I’ll be trying the silk skirts (I have a couple more) again soon.

Just a reminder! If you are interested in signing up for my Easy Silk Dyeing class, the discount goes away after Thursday. Here is the link to the info and the discount.

I’m off to the backyard to do a little gardening today. Looks like it’s going to be a pretty, but still a bit chilly day.