Easy Silk Dyeing Class Open

My Easy Silk Dyeing online class is now open for registration and it’s on sale! This class is modeled after the local classes I teach using silk scarves. However, you don’t have to dye scarves. Any silk will do.

What is great about this class is that it is EASY and FAST! I designed this class several years ago because I wanted a class I could teach locally where students could spend two hours in the class and walk away with two finished scarves. Since the fabric doesn’t have to be prepped and there is no waiting time for the dyes to set, using these Colorhue Dyes were the perfect dye to use.  I also wanted a class where everyone could be successful.

In these classes I’ve taught locally the last three years, I saw students who said they weren’t artistic, walk out with not just a smile on their face, but beautiful scarves. I decided to bring this class online so anyone interested could have fun and great results too.

The class includes 12 videos. It also includes 4 downloadable pdfs. In addition to showing how to prepare the dyes, we cover dyeing samples, mixing colors, and 7 different techniques.

The class has no starting or stopping time. You work at your own pace. So if you don’t have time for the class right now, you can go ahead and register (see my discounted price offer below) and then come back when you have more free time.

Here are a few samples of the techniques covered.

These dyes work on silk. Here are some pieces of dyed raw silk ready to be added to a quilt or other piece of art.

The regular price of this class is $20. However, right now to kick off this new class it’s $5 OFF until Friday, April 13. For more information and to get this discount, check out this LINK.

If you have any questions about the class, please feel free to email me at lheines at wowway.com or comment below. Hope to see you in class!

I mentioned last post that I finished that dyed rope bowl and really didn’t like how the bottom turned out. Well, yesterday I found Ace fast asleep in the bowl. Guess it’s his now!