Working on my Juki

Since I bought my Juki, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know her, getting to know all about her! I love being able to sew that “perfect” stitch. But a big reason for wanting this machine is for free motion.

I have had a time with free motion before meeting Juki. When I went to test drive this machine, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to free motion. One of the sales staff at the shop commented that I was really good at it. What?? I could never get my stitches right, but with the Juki, it’s so much easier. Maybe all of my practice has paid off, or maybe it’s the machine!!

I’ve taken a couple of online free motion classes and one of the instructors said to really feel comfortable with free motion you need to go through 30 bobbins!! I’ve only gone through 3 so far.

So now I’m on a mission to really get this free motion right!

Meanwhile, I’m also working on a couple of my dyed rope bowls on my old Elna.

I wasn’t really happy with the bottom of this bowl. I’ve never had trouble with that, so not sure what I did, but it had been awhile since I sewed one of these.

So I dyed more rope yesterday. Now waiting for it to dry before I can sew another one.

I really love my studio redo, but I didn’t take in account Ace’s ability to get on the window ledge so he gets back and forth in the window walking over my table. And then I caught him laying on it the other day. We had a talk about this, but he wasn’t listening.

Just a few minutes ago I found him in the laundry room – a good place to watch what’s going on outside.

Not to slight Puddin, on one of the few days we’ve had sun lately, she took advantage of it in my studio.

My new online class, Easy Silk Dyeing, will be opening next week. It’s been fun putting it together.

I worked a bit in the asparagus patch yesterday, but today we’re back into winter! I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to Spring.