Spinner Art Revisited

In 2012 I wrote an article on Spinner Art for the June/July issue of Quilting Arts magazine. I also wrote a blog post Here and recorded a video using Sharpies Here.

I decided that I wanted to revisit this technique, but use dyes instead of paints or Sharpies. I also wanted to use glue as a resist.

I started with white fabric. You can either soak the fabric in soda ash ahead of time, let dry and then put in the spinner, or skip the soda ash step and add the soda ash to dye water. Since I didn’t want to take the time to soak the fabric, I added the soda ash to the dye water.

The area in the spinner is only large enough for 6 x 6 inch fabric. I attached it with a piece of painter’s tape.

Next I turn on the spinner and add the glue. You can stop and look at the fabric anytime. Then either start again, or take it out of the machine and set on plastic to dry.

This is what the fabric will look like.

Now we need to wait for the glue to dry. I just let it dry overnight. Then it’s on to dyeing.

I mixed up ten colors since I had 10 6-inch squares of fabric – 1 tablespoon of dye per cup of warm water. The amount of dye is really flexible and I could have used less, but I wanted dark colors. I added the fabric and then added the cup of soda ash water (1 teaspoon per cup of warm water). I let the fabric batch for a couple hours.

Then it’s time to rinse with cold water. Getting the glue off is a challenge, but it just takes time. After most of the glue was gone, I rinsed in hot water, and let the fabric sit in hot soapy water. Then they were off to in the washer for a hot wash, and two rinses. After drying them on high heat, I ironed them.

Here is a picture of them again.

Since there was room in the containers, I added additional pieces of fabric from a recent failed experiment! The blues didn’t turn out very dark. Had I batched them longer I would have gotten dark colors.

But WAIT! I’m not done with my spinner. I’ll be showing  you more of my spinner art in the coming week. So much fun to get back into the dye studio.

Meanwhile, Puddin sure does miss Ace. She’s been laying in areas he always laid in including this “punch bowl” which she never cared for. She also has been crying in the early  morning, but I see her adjust a little bit everyday, as we are.