Spinner Art using a Turntable

Let’s now change gears a bit and make spinner art using a turntable.

Just a reminder, all of the fabric has been soaked in soda ash water for 15 minutes and allowed to dry before adding the resists and dyes.

My friend Connie gave me this turntable for my spinner art. I experimented a bit with it back in 2015 and wrote this post. I’ve not used it since then, but I was having so much fun with my Hasbro Spinner, I thought I’d add it into the play.

turn tableBecause it doesn’t spin very fast, you don’t get the splatter.  I put pieces of rolled up painter’s tape on the turntable and added the fabric.  You can’t tape it completely flat because of the center. I tried to remove the spindle, but couldn’t do it without taking the whole player apart.

Then I used the techniques from the other spinner art pieces. For information on those techniques, please refer to my previous posts. Here is a link to all of them.

I really love the results, and I get a much larger piece of fabric – approximately 11 x 11 inches. So here are my results:

Soy wax with Thickened Dyes

Glue Resist and Spray Dyed

Jacquard Resist and Thickened Dyes

This last piece has a lot of blobs. When I do this again, I’ll be more careful when adding the resist.

Well, that’s the end of this series. Here are all of my pieces from this spinner art series.

Now to use these lovely pieces. In my first little quilt piece, I used one of my ice dyed fat quarter and a turntable spinner. I still need to add the binding.

I do see a series of these little spinner art quilts in my future.  Here is a link to all of the Spinner Art tutorials. Thanks for dropping by.

I’m linking up today with Off the Wall Friday. Check out the link for some inspiration.