Turn Table Dyeing

A year ago my friend Connie gave me her turntable to use for my art. I finally got around to playing with it.

turn table I thought it might work like the spinner I played with and even wrote an article in Quilting Arts about this.

No, it doesn’t quite work as well because it doesn’t go as fast, but I did get some interesting results.

I attached a piece of card stock on the turntable so the fabric could be placed on top of it. It just didn’t work without the card stock.

playerwfabricI wanted to see what all it could do so I applied fabric paints with a paint brush.

playerpaintAnd the result. Nothing to really write home about or really blog about.


Then fabric markers.


Okay, but again not real exciting.


Then soy wax.

playerwaxI then painted with fiber reactive dyes. I liked these much better.


Lastly I used glue as a resist and then painted with fiber reactive dyes. This was my favorite.


What am I going to do with them? I haven’t a clue. Maybe cutting them up and reassembling the circles. Not sure, but it was fun. I’ll try experimenting more later.

Meanwhile I received another fat quarter from Spoonflower of one of my mandalas. Here is a picture of part of the fabric with the original drawing. I’m still amazed that the drawing could be made into fabric. The image is so clear.

mandalafabricHope you are having a good hump day and as always, thanks for dropping by.