Welcome to my new website. As many of you know, I’ve been blogging since 2009 at BloomBakeCreate. I started the website to share my passions in gardening, baking, and art.

Over the years I’ve done less gardening and baking to make way for my art. What has been fun about redoing the website is going through all of my tutorials. I spent hours making sure most of them, if not all, were listed on the tutorials tab. While doing this, I was so surprised at my journey. “Did I really do that?” and  “Wow! I think I need to try that again!!” And of course, there was the “I can’t believe I did that!”

One of my very favorite paper tutorial was a journal cover made out of a brown paper bag. It really looked (and still looks) like leather. I also love the tutorial of making stamps out of Magic Stamp foam.



What amazes me is these two tutorials that I still get lots of hits.



For awhile I got obsessed with marbling, which you can tell by all of my marbling posts on the marbling tab. My favorite is where I used Jacquard Marbling kit. The tutorial on how to Reverse Applique was fun to do and I loved the results.



Of course, I’ve had other obsessions from drawing mandalas on paper and rocks to seeing all of the resists I could use with ice dyeing. And we can’t forget about Jacquard Color Magnet.

Trying to decide which tutorials go under which tabs was also a challenge. I ended up moving all of the ice dyeing out of the Fabric Dyeing tab, creating it’s own page.

If you want access to the latest posts, check out the home page. From this page click on Lynda Heines Fabric Design and it will take you to there.

That was what happened. I fell into the rabbit hole of my website! My reason for updating was that I wanted a more modern look, with more white space, and easier access to my latest posts. But I also wanted to pull all of the tutorials out so they would be also easier to find.

Well, enough about what I’ve been doing this last week. Now it’s time to get back to creating.