Class Time

I have been having so much fun preparing for and teaching my class, Art Sampler: An Introduction to Printing on Fabric. This is a five-session class at the University of Evansville.

In each session students are learning something different. Unfortunately, since the class sessions are only 1.5 hours long, we have to rush to get projects done. However, my whole intention for the class was to just introduce students to different printing techniques. Each of the sessions could be full classes for sure!

In the first class we covered leaf printing.



In the second session we made foam stamps, and then used them to decorate a canvas tote.

Session three was playing with Gel Plates and using their foam stamps or wood block stamps I brought. I was so excited with what the students were doing, I forgot about taking class pictures! Here is the set up and my samples. The last two pictures are students’ prints.

This week’s session was stenciling and printing five prayer/inspirational flags.


We have one more session next week. I am so looking forward to it. It’s been so much fun sharing my love of fabric design. Look forward to doing more next year.

Otherwise, we are still working on getting Ally to 100% We ended up changing vets. She’s now on ear drops, Prednisone, and new food. We think this may do the trick. Her blood work came back normal, so we’re happy about that.  She’s taken up residence in this rope bowl I made awhile back. She sleeps, plays, and watches the birdies in it!


That’s all for now. Lots of ideas roaming around in my head. Hopefully, I’ll get them down on fabric soon.