Printing on Cotton Lawn

I must tell you that I had no idea how much I would love printing on cotton lawn!

What is cotton lawn? It’s a wonderful, somewhat sheer cotton fabric that is softer than quilting cotton, but sews up just as easy! It is used for summer clothing.

I saw a tutorial on Designmatterstv, where Laura shows how to make an infinity scarf with cotton lawn. Here is the link.  She recommends the fabric because it feels soft next to the face. And I agree!

Here is another picture of my infinity scarf.

I low immersion dyed the fabric with Cerulean Blue and Azure Blue to get a rich color. Then I added the printing with Prochem’s Copper and Silver fabric paints. I usually use Jacquard Lumiere, but I was out of the colors I wanted. I used my homemade foam stamps for this project. Here is a link to my foam stamp tutorial.

I used both a spouncer and a foam brush to apply the paint. I found the spouncer works much better.

As I said above, I would have gotten a better print using the spouncer.

I love how this cotton lawn dyes and prints, but also sews and feels good. I did google a bit about the fabric and found that some people even make quilts with it. I’m looking forward to playing with it more. If you have used cotton lawn, I’d love to hear what you have made with it.

I received an email from the race sponsors the other day that I had won a trophy in the 8K race in my age group. This is way funny! When I was running back 30 or so years ago, winning a trophy was a big thing. I loved when I got one to add to my collection. Those trophies have long been trashed and my desire for any “hardware” has long been gone. So it was funny that I won a trophy – 3rd place – in my age group. It is kind of a neat trophy!

Talking about winning, when I posted this blog post in the Bloggers Quilt Festival I was entered in the prize drawings. I was shocked when I got an email saying I had won $75 worth of merchandise from Pink Door Fabrics. They had a great selection of fabrics. However, as you know, I don’t buy a lot of commercial fabrics, but found some great white on white fabric to dye. The peach fabric is cotton lawn and the striped fabric is double gauze.

And something else exciting here, our handyman just installed my new sink in the laundry room. I will be using this to wash out my dyeing. The old one was not counter top height hurting my back.

Have been enjoying my class. Every week is a different surface design technique. Now to go get ready for next week. Thanks for dropping by.

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