Gel and Leaf Printing

As I mentioned in the last post, I’m getting ready for my upcoming class where two of the techniques I’ll be teaching include gel and leaf printing. While making some samples I thought I’d add them together.

I started with making backgrounds on the fabric with my gel plate. Then I placed the leaf on the plate, removed it, and printed over the background and got these. I wasn’t especially pleased with the one on the left. Loved the one on the right.

These three were made by actually using the leaf and printing on top of the background. See my leaf printing tutorial on how to leaf print. That post also includes a video. Printing this way gave me much better images.

Lastly, I stitched them. For these two I used Superior So Fine #30 and I love how the stitches pop. The reason I didn’t use So Fine on the other three is because I didn’t have the right colors. I used Superior Sew Complete #50. Using a heavier weight thread really makes a difference.


On the cat front Ally and Puddin still aren’t buddies, but they are at least being friendly. This was the closest I’ve seen them together, but it was only for a minute.

Dave and I participated in an 8k race yesterday. It was cold at the start, but it ended up being a really nice morning. This is the fourth race we’ve done this year, but this was the longest. Of course, we no longer run, so we walked the whole thing. I would have loved to walk the Half, but I just don’t have it in me to do that anymore, or at least right now.

Did I tell you that we are on a new eating plan to lose weight? We aren’t calling it a diet because we are basically taking the healthy stuff we eat already and just eating less of it, not eating after dinner, reducing the oil in our homemade salad dressings, reducing our bread intake, and moving a bit more. One of my problem has been when I walk through the kitchen I’ll open up the pantry and grab a handful of walnuts. Walnuts are great for you, but they are high in calories. Now if I eat walnuts, I measure them out to see exactly how many calories I am eating. Having Dave also on this new plan really helps so it’s not been too difficult. We are starting our fourth week, and I’ve lost almost 4 pounds. Of course, Dave has done much better! Don’t you just hate that men lose weight faster?